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Thank you for expressing your interest to become a franchisee for Falcon GPS Trackers.

If you are an IT based business and are looking to start a venture with minimum cost and resources, we can help you grow. We are looking for franchisees, partners and distributors to work with us and we shall provide maximum support in fleet management and vehicle telematics fields.

Why Falcon Trackers?

Low Investment, high returns: Take a franchisee of Falcon GPS Trackers in your country or area for quick returns in business.

Complete support from Falcon GPS Trackers: Become a franchisee and gain support in marketing & technical domains from Falcon GPS Trackers, an internationally winning market brand.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Business:

Falcon GPS Trackers offers a wide variety of tracking devices as per client requirements. These are easy to use devices and earn multiples in your business. Clients can reduce the cost of expenses after installation of these devices. This market is wide & open.

About Falcon GPS Trackers:


Interested in exploring this business opportunity? Fill the Franchisee Application Form and submit to us. Our franchisee/ Business Manager will contact you soon.

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