Caught on camera: Delhi Police bust crime with CCTV’s

NEW DELHI: It’s 5am on a chilly January morning as a heavily bearded man in tattered clothes enters Netaji Subhas Place police station. As strange as it seem, the sentry welcomes the ragged fellow with a salute. Eavesdropping on their conversation reveals that the man is actually head constable Jairam Yadav, who has come after spending a night in the slums of Jahangirpuri. He has some clues to a murder of a man in the area and wants to confirm this through CCTV

As a welcome cup of hot tea arrives, Yadav plugs in a USB drive that contains recordings from closed-circuit television cameras in the vicinity of the murder site. “CCTV footage has become a crucial aspect of investigation these days and has contributed to the solving of 60% of cases,” he says, as he constantly pauses, forwards and rewinds the images on the computer, his eyes peering at the screen for clarity on the registration number of a car.
Yadav and his team members often divide the work. He mingles with informers and criminals on the streets — often disguised, as he was in Jahangirpuri — while the others tackle the technical investigation. But both are after details that corroborate each other, such as the colour of vehicles involved, the routes used, the attire and physical appearances of suspects, etc.
Equal importance is given to footage from before the time of the incident. Inspector Vinay Yadav, while narrating how his team solved the robbery of a cash van in northeast Delhi’s Welcome colony, explains that professional criminals often visit the area before executing a crime and are caught by CCTV cameras in their unguarded moments.


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