Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is a system in which the vehicle itself investigates the surrounding information in order to realize the safety and comfort of the driver, accurately displays and warns the driver before any mishaps. These systems can take over the control from the human on assessing any threat thereby reducing accidents and fatalities

ADAS systems can detect certain objects, do basic classification, alert the drivers of uncertain road conditions and, in some cases, automatically decelerate or stop the vehicle. By combining the ADAS with a telematics system, it is possible to capture the vehicle movements, driving behaviors within a fleet system.

​​​​ADAS has the ability to minimize human error from the equation on the journey to zero-accident mobility. Not only does it help to improve the safety of the driver and the passengers, but also helps to enhance the overall user experience.

ADAS can help you in situations:

  • Lane crossing
  • Sudden turnings on the hill
  • Pedestrian or object collision
  • Smoking, bad driving behaviors
  • Night driving
  • Driver is drowsy

Prevent collisions

Maintains an optimal distance between your vehicle and other objects. Parallel parking is easier with this tool. Additionally, it will assist you in changing lanes safely. As a result, collisions are reduced.

Control driving behavior

Ability to detect driver intoxication and fatigue easily.

Improves awareness on road

By monitoring the road continuously, ADAS warns you of potential problems ahead. In addition, it helps to enforce traffic rules and thus reduces traffic violations.