AI Box

Video Analytics Box for upgrading to AI System. Video analytics that includes AI technology goes beyond people and vehicles to support varied classifications, unusual object activity, and face applications

Video Telematics is one of the fastest and most promising development.

In case of any road accidents, prior to the use of video telematics, data provided contained basic information on where and when an incident occurred, but not why it happened. Video provides a platform for fleet managers to understand why something occurred so they can prevent it from happening again.

Telematics technology is used to help tackle a wide range of important tasks that help keep fleets running smoothly and safely.

By integrating the AI box with the existing vehicle system, fleet operators are able to achieve DMS functions such as driver fatigue and distracting driving detection, driver identity, and attendance detection.  It has ADAS functions such as Front collision warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW), and Front Vehicle Start Warning. It’s a perfect complementary for GPS trackers and MDVRs that upgrade the current system to realize AI functions.

Flexible: provide options for AI features which is the best addon for your camera system

Futureproof: supports extending algorithms in the future, there is no absolute need for device changes.

AI CPU: extremely powerful processing capability.

AI functions:

DMS: Smoking, calling, eyes-closing, yawning, distracted driving, the driver left, infrared blocking sunglasses, not wearing a seat belt, lens blocking, etc

ADAS: Lane departure, forward collision, vehicle distance too close, pedestrian collision, the vehicle ahead start, etc

Build for vehicle application:

  • Power supply: 9-36V
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
  • Working humidity: 10% ~ 95%

Rich interfaces:

  • RS232 x3
  • 12V output x1
  • GND x3
  • GPS x1 SMA type connector [External antenna method]
  • AHD signal input x2
  • Power port: 3-pin aviation connector [BAT+, ACC, GND]
  • Audio broadcast port: 3-pin Aviation Head
  • I/O interface x2

In video telematics, you will get multiple camera options that provide exterior and interior views of the vehicle. The cameras are connected to the vehicle that records the video and stores data on the platform. You just need to configure the device with fleet management software to enable the video telematics feature.

Fleet managers will be able to see playback, the trip and map information, and share the location link as needed. AI Box enables you to watch videos from multiple angles, users can capture a photo from the video, download a particular portion of the video, and watch the current history. AI Box enables you to view live streaming with just the click of a live button from various angles.

AI Box gives you a complete view of the fleet and its surroundings.

False and fraudulent claims can have an overwhelming shock on both your fleet’s insurance costs and reputation. Improving the safety profile of an organization can help reduce insurance premiums and claims costs, enhance the perceived reliability of its brand, and boost employee spirit.

AI Box’s video telematics and surveillance gives you the evidence you need to protect your business from false claims.

It helps fleet and transport organizations to operate in a safe, efficient and socially responsible way.

Better fleet security

With real-time streaming, it is possible to track vehicle movement and therefore, know the fleet condition in real-time.

Various camera options

Ensures that a fleet is captured from multiple angles, thereby providing solid proof in case of accidents.

Saves Money

Consequently, incident investigation expenses and claims are reduced. By improving driving behavior, it also improves fuel efficiency.