Driving Monitoring Systems (DMS)

For years, fleet managers have been flooded by data without an efficient way of converting the numbers into action.

A fleet would be of no value without drivers. The core responsibilities are improving driver performance and ensuring fleet safety, but there are proven ways to stay efficient, safe, and profitable without compromising valuable time or resources.

For each foul step taken by the driver, an alert will be generated.

With the help of the alerts and data collected from the fleet, the driving behaviour of each driver is analysed. Reports of driver performance, rag score, driver activity and driver work hours are available for analysing the driving behaviour.

Features of driving behaviour analysis:

  • Monitors driving and warns drivers with alerts and video evidence.
  • Track route with the appropriate speed limit of the particular location
  • Reduce vehicle idling.
  • Keeps the track of driver training, driver behaviour, performance statistics
  • Reduce fuel cost by controlling bitter driving
  • Decreased maintenance cost by managing driver performance
  • Easily generate driver performance card
  • Get daily reports and instant alerts for driver and vehicle events.

Efficient driving skills are something that is not possessed by many. To run a fleet efficiently, however, is an absolute must. With their own driving style, your drivers influence wear and tear, fuel consumption, and accident risk.

Driver performance ultimately has a big impact on fleet expenditure.

This is important as it helps you increase fleet efficiency and safety with decreased fuel and maintenance expenses. It results in fewer accidents. Provides a score according to the performance of the driver. Thus, monitoring their behavior becomes hassle-free.

Optimize Consumption

The fuel consumption of the fleet decreases when driving skills improve. Besides lowering fuel costs, this also reduces CO2 emissions.

Reduce Fleet ruinous

Once harsh driving declines, fleet damage will decrease. Accidents and other damages will decrease when driving behavior is improved.

Appropriate Score Card

A variety of driving reports allow you to monitor your driving behavior.