1wire iButton ID

Fleet managers will agree to the point that securing and safeguarding the fleets are more stressful than buying them.

Once the fleet is stolen then it is next to impossible to track down and reach back to your fleet. Instead, it is always better to prevent fleet theft. 

One of the best features for fleet management devices is 1-Wire data protocol, which enables the connection of iButton. The iButton device is perfect for any application where AVL data needs to travel along with a person or object identification.

IButton is a solution for fleet management tracker in following cases:

Provide extra security to your fleet by using iButton.

This feature makes sure that a non-authorized person cannot move the vehicle without the permission of the iButton holder. You just need to enable the button to activate the system. Even if they have the key to your vehicle it won't start. This makes your vehicle secure thereby reducing the annual insurance premiums.

iButton is an anti-theft system that prevents the engine from igniting until you turn this functionality off. The theft attempt will fail, eventually. This functionality can also be useful in case of car hijacking.

iButton prevents any key or tampering from starting the vehicle. The engine will start when you turn off the iButton. Thus, it is the best option for theft prevention.

Driver authorization

Gives ability to use vehicle only for specific iButton owners and identify which driver is on the road.


Without iButton authorization you can not run engine starter and and use vehicle.

Auto Geofencing

Gives ability to know when car leaves customized areas without iButton authorization.