CAN Adapter (200)

CAN Adapter (200) helps fleet operators to report on a wide range of information. This device lets you read essential CAN parameters such as fuel level, odometer, VIN number, fuel consumption, engine RPM,  engine temperature, and handbrake status. It helps to identify areas of improvement in the vehicle operation to drive down overheads and minimize environmental impact.

CAN Adapter (200) can help you optimize costs and reduce downtime through connection with your machinery.

This has a distributed control that requires less wiring and ensures system performance.  CAN Adapter (200) provides communications that are electromagnetic interference proof and are not sensitive to subsystem failures, which is very important for vehicles used in bitter conditions.

CAN Adapter (200) support more than 1500 models of various vehicles, and this number is constantly growing. We provide wiring schemes for all supported vehicles, which helps make installation quick and hassle-free.

With the optional hardware CAN Adapter (200)+DTC, you will be able to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the vehicle ECU and react fast in case of malfunction.

There is increased efficiency in providing comprehensive fleet management service. With this solution, you will be able to give updates to your customers on the health of their fleet on time. Malfunction prevention equals additional value.

CAN Adapter (200) is an ideal solution for corporate fleet management, special transport management, and advanced fleet management applications. This device is low cost, best in centralized and robust communication and its efficient code management makes it one of the versatile devices in the market

Supported byFMB1YX, FMU1YX, FMC1YX, FMM1YX, FM36YX, FM6300, FMB640, FMM640, FMC640
Input voltage range9 - 63 V DC
Power consumptionAt 12 V < 0.4 mA (Standby)
At 12V < 10.6 mA (Working)
Operating temperature range-40 °C to +85 °C
Operating humidityMax 85 % non-condensing
LED indication1 status LED light
Features*Total fuel consumption
Fuel level (Dashboard)
Vehicle mileage
Door status
Engine speed (RPM)
Engine temperature
Vehicle speed
Accelerator pedal position
CNG level
Total CNG consumption
The engine is working on CNG
DTC reading**

*Number of parameters depends on vehicle model, year, and equipment.
**Feature is available with special order code
Dimensions41 x 33 x 14.5 mm
Weight55 g