Tire Pressure Monitoring

Low-pressure tires are alarming to be left alone. A tire pressure gauge will not help you to constantly monitor the tire gauge. It's important to know when your tires are overinflated or underinflated, as it can affect the performance of your vehicle including its fuel economy.

These wireless TPMS sensors are supported in our GPS tracking device AT09, AT09-3G, TPMS products: TP08, TP09.

Model No.: TS06, TS06-LB, TS07, TS08, TS09, TS09-LB, TS10

As the name suggests TPMS monitors the pressure of each of the tires of the vehicle and provides you real-time updates in case of any unusual increase or decrease in the tire pressure and the temperature.

Sensors attached to the tires will send the temperature and pressure data to the GPS device. Then, the GPS devices communicate with the server in order to transfer those data to the server.


When the pressure of the tire is low or high the threshold configured on the system generates an alert. This alert makes you understand the stability of the tire and thus protects you from future damages.

These devices eliminate guesswork by notifying you if a vehicle is low on air or flat. This knowledge can not only help prevent accidents but can also help you improve your vehicle mileage.

TPMS will continuously monitor the pressure and alerts if the variation is found. Here you not only get the pressure of the tire but can also know the temperature inside the tire. It generates instant alerts when variation in pressure and temperature is detected. Thus, it helps you to make most of your tires.

These devices go a step forward in providing various details and summarise reports dedicated to TPMS. You can also see the status from the live tracking screen quickly.

Avoid manual monitoring

TPMS continuously monitors the tire pressure. Thus, it ends manual monitoring and saves time and manpower.

Extends tire life

The primary reason for tire failure is under-inflated tires. A tire air pressure sensor will save you from unwanted accidents by sending real-time data.

Improves fuel efficiency

Reduces fuel wastage that occurs due to inflated tires, thus increasing fuel efficiency.