Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure
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Monitor the vehicles constantly for the tyre pressure by allowing us to inform you how this affects your fleet results.

As the name suggests, TPMS monitors the pressure of each vehicle’s tyres and sends you real-time updates whether the tyre pressure and temperature rises or decreases unexpectedly.

The tyre sensors are sent to GPS via Bluetooth connectivity by sending the temperature and pressure data. In order to transfer those data to the server, the GPS systems then connect with your communication devices.
The limit programmed on the machine triggers an alarm when the tyre pressure is low or high. This warning helps you to consider tyre stability and protects you against any significant damage.

Trakzee will help you retain the pressure on your tyre.

The tyre pressures and temperature are controlled by TPMS. The pressure and warnings are constantly tracked if the transition is detected. In this case the tyre pressure can be observed, as well as temperature inside the tire. It lets you keep the tyres stronger. And the fleet’s performance is improved in turn and maintenance costs are minimised. Shortly, tyre pressure varies before and after vehicle loading. Instant alarms are generated when pressure and temperature fluctuations are observed.
Trakzee is making strides in delivering more comprehensive reports and summarises the TPMS results. The status can easily viewed on the live tracking panel.


Avoid manual monitoring

The tyre pressure is actively monitored by the TPMS. It then finishes manual surveillance and saves time and effort.

Fleet safety

TPMS increases road safety by maintaining tire pressure. This increases the handling of the fleet, reduces damage and decreases braking distance.

Improves fuel efficiency

Reduces fuel waste from inflated tyres, thus increasing fuel efficiency.

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