Dispatch Management

Road transportation worldwide today is a dominant segment in transportation sector. Dispatch and Logistics solution takes care of secure transportation of good keeping a real time track of fleet. Using this, trucking and logistics companies can get real time information of vehicle during transit. The fleet operator can track real time location and movement of vehicle in transit on digital map.

As such, our state of the art software which takes care of the following facilities:

  • Availability of a certain vehicle or dispatcher based on his working hours or assignment of job.
  • Space available in the truck (weight or dimensions).
  • Automatic assignment of a vehicle according to the assigned job or working hours.
  • Two-way short messaging service using Garmin or our smartphone app.
  • Status of a job, whether started, in progress, completed or deferred.
  • Report creation based on various statuses of Dispatch and deliveries.

Our Other Solutions:

  • Logistic and Dispatch Management
  • School Bus Video Monitoring by MDVR and attendance by RFID.
  • Taxi Dispatch and Monitoring
  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Garmin Integration
  • Passenger Counter (transport buses or showrooms)
  • Accident reconstruction (for insurance companies)
  • 3D movement of Heavy Equipment
  • Motorbike accident detection and reporting
  • Extended API integration.

Our Strategic Partners: