Fleet Management Software

The Falcon Trackers is a comprehensive web based solution that caters for

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Trailers
  • Cargo or transient assets

Real-Time Tracking

Current vehicle status and position screen as well as current driver or trailer positions all configurable by the user.

Map data choice
Users are able to use map data sets of their choice.

Geo fencing
User defined multi polygon areas with such as “no go” or “keep in” areas can be assigned to assets and notification to multiple users set up in the end of any parameter violation

Route adherence
Notification of deviation from predefined routes

Operating parameter
Monitor and report on speed, RPM, engine hours, driver duty times, digital and analogue inputs predefined by the user.

Alarm notification
Notification of events via software, e-mail and SM.

“Bread crumb” replay and graphic presentation of analog data. screen shot detailed telemetry log data to assist vendors in unit diagnostics

We deliver a comprehensive set of fleet management reports right out of the box that can be generated on the fly or at autmatically scheduled times. You can also use our API to create reports of your own that seamlessly work with the system.

Extensible API
The ability to develop niche “bolt on” features unique to your operation.

Administration Tools
Unit Health reports – connectivity and data volume. Billing module based on unit connections. Ticketing system to log and manage customer queries and unit repairs.

Billing Engine
A billing engine with automated invoices sent via e-mail