Auto Conductor

'Autoconductor Passenger Flow Control' system is developed in Russia and is aimed at counting passengers in the bus transportation.

In the working process of the system video stream recording of door, space is utilized for counting passengers. Cameras are installed above the door space in large buses and in front of the door space in small ones.

Apart from ensuring the functionality of passenger counting, the system also supports the possibility to install up to eight additional cameras recording bus interior and external situations. This option is to be used to fulfill the safety requirements of passenger traffic.

The system works with GPS/GLONASS monitoring system, which allows it to record entering and exiting passengers bounding this data to the geographical location. To eliminate technical deviations (errors which appear when same passengers enter and exit at the intermediary stops a few times) on intercity voyages the passenger flow controlling system can be connected to the motor-coach terminal managing systems, that allows receiving precise information about the tickets being sold at the terminal and perform automatic reconciliation of the quantity of sold tickets and actual number of carried passengers.

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