Fleet Management

End-to-End Fleet Management

The E2E Fleet Management solutions are suitable for transportation & logistics companies, small-scale enterprises and medium-large scale enterprises.

The transporters worldwide must try and adopt new things to enhance business efficiency and productivity. In order to save time, resources, fuel and efforts we always research and develop better solutions for Intelligent Transportation. As a result, our vehicle telematics entity is heading towards the path of an end-to-end automation in fleet management. The automation across various operational process in fleet management can give flawless business information, better connectivity and enhanced productivity to deliver optimum customer services.

Falcon Trackers offers various end-to-end fleet management solutions as per industry specific needs. We have ready-made products that can fit into your business requirements in shortest implementation time. Such solutions aims at optimizing the usage of shared resources of transport industry and enterprise distribution fleet.

These solutions consist of in-vehicle GPS tracking device and robust software application whih help a transport company in analyzing and optimizing various operational tasks which includes route optimization, vehicle dispatching, customer booking etc, dispatcher communication, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, axle load, vehicle maintenance, billing, etc.

The E2E Fleet Management solutions are suitable for transportation & logistics companies, small scale enterprises and medium-large scale enterprises. These cloud based solutions comes with an intuitive interface and necessary functions that are worthy to deliver beneficial outcome for your business.

Salient Features of Fleet Management Solutions:

  • Intuitive and Easy User Interface
  • Automatic Vehicle Dispatching
  • Communication with Driver and Dispatcher
  • 24x7 remote Vehicle Tracking
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Geo Fencing
  • Route Optimization
  • Remote Monitoring and diagnostic of equipment
  • Fuel theft and management
  • Door Sensors
  • Axle Load Sensors
  • Mobile DVR Recording and Playback
  • Over Speeding, Trips Performance
  • Idle time, Stoppages Route Deviations
  • Traffic Jam reporting
  • Driver fatigue and alcohol detection (coming soon)
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records and Alerts (Oil change, Insurance, etc)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Our Other Solutions:

  • Logistic and Dispatch Management
  • School Bus Video Monitoring by MDVR and attendance by RFID.
  • Taxi Dispatch and Monitoring
  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Garmin Integration
  • Passenger Counter (transport buses or showrooms)
  • Accident reconstruction (for insurance companies)
  • 3D movement of Heavy Equipment
  • Motorbike accident detection and reporting
  • Extended API integration.