School Bus Fleet Management

Intelligent Fleet Management solution for School Buses ensures safe transportation for children.

To ensure the safe transportation of children by School Bus to their respective places, Falcon Trackers offers an intelligent solution with a mobile app to track the status of the Fleet on Google Map. This solution offers features keeping in mind the level of safety required for children after boarding on Bus.

Components Installed:

  • In-Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) with Surveillance Cameras

Features of School Bus Fleet Management Solution:

  • Driver Record-Keeping and Duty management
  • Alerts for vehicle maintenance and validation
  • Report Generation of Scheduling of buses

Vehicle Tracking System

Real-time tracking and tracing of position on Google MAP

  • FDT Screen for Easy navigation
  • AutoRoute Optimization
  • Customized Geo-Fence

Safety Solutions

RFID Integration: Automatic Information system for Parents and Security officers with SMS Alerts which update about Boarding and De boarding of Child.

  • Panic Button for Passenger and Driver
  • Speed Violation Auto Cut
  • Status report on Ignition
  • Vehicle Immobility
  • Auto Announcement of Stoppage
  • Mobile Digital Video Recorder with Surveillance Cameras

Our Other Solutions:

  • Logistic and Dispatch Management
  • School Bus Video Monitoring by MDVR and attendance by RFID.
  • Taxi Dispatch and Monitoring
  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Garmin Integration
  • Passenger Counter (transport buses or showrooms)
  • Accident reconstruction (for insurance companies)
  • 3D movement of Heavy Equipment
  • Motorbike accident detection and reporting
  • Extended API integration.
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